How To Save $267,432 On Your Student Loans Without Getting Taxed On The Forgiven Debt...

Hi, I'm Dr. Ian Hoffman, and I'm on a mission!

After overcoming a serious health challenge as a kid, I am passionate about improving access to health care for low-income and underserved populations around the country by helping doctors through the process of starting a nonprofit and qualifying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

In just over two years, the Student Loan Eraser has helped hundreds of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals to qualify for over $40 million in savings on their student loans AND start nonprofits that are making a difference in the lives of:
  • People with cancer and other life threatening / debilitating conditions
  • Single parents, pregnant women, kids and families
  • First responders (fire heroes, police officers, etc.)
  • People with psychological stress, emotional trauma, and addiction
  • Homeless youth and adults
  • Active duty military and veterans
  • And much more!
My wife Lindsay and I were honored as Co-Alumni of the Year by Life Chiropractic College West in 2013. We are co-founders of a cash practice by the beach that provides pediatric, prenatal, and proactive chiropractic care.  

We are also co-founders of a wellness charity that serves to spread the miracle of holistic healthcare to underserved populations in San Diego, CA.  It was through our nonprofit that we were able to qualify for PSLF and develop the necessary systems and resources to guide other doctors through the process.
Your Student Debt May Be Stopping You From Living The Lifestyle You Deserve...
It's #1 reason why people are delaying important milestones waiting until later in life to get married, buy a home, start a family, and save for retirement.
40 million Americans owe more than $1,500,000,000,000 (yes, that's 1.5 Trillion) in student loan debt and the problem just keeps growing more out of control.

The cost of a college education, especially health and medical degrees, has skyrocketed over the last 10 years, far outpacing income expectations for these careers.

I Was There Once Too...
My Wife Lindsay and I shared over $350K in student loan debt when we graduated from Chiropractic school.

We had to move in with my parents for over a year after while we were starting our practice because we couldn’t afford to pay rent at our office and an apartment at the same time!

When Lindsay became pregnant we decided it was a good time to buy our first home, but when we applied for a mortgage, the broker told us that our debt to income ratio was too high because of the student loans...It was devastating!

Not wanting to take no for an answer, I did some research online and I found out that we could significantly lower our monthly payments by switching to a different repayment plan.

That was enough to help us qualify for our mortgage BUT it also meant our student loan payments were not even touching the principal, so our student loan debt would actually be going UP over time!
And Then I Met Caroline...
The week I came back to work after my son was born, a patient referred Caroline's mom to my office. Caroline had just started conventional medical treatments for a rare cancer in stage 4.
Here I was a new father, with a healthy baby boy, and even now I can not imagine the stress this family must have endured.

There have been a few very emotional moments in practice for me so far and this is certainly among the top of the list.  I cried when they left my office...

They had already started conventional medical treatment and I didn’t even want to guess what their medical bills looked like.
Making care affordable for this family felt like the right thing to do.

That's When We Started A Charity.
As of December, 2017 Caroline is 3 years cancer free and off all of her medications, back in dance classes which she loves, and back in school!

Fueled by that incredible experience, Lindsay and I made the decision to give back to our community on a greater scale, and we started the process of officially forming a charity.

Our mission is to expand access to our care for people in need and give back to specific groups like active military and veterans, police, and fire heroes!
And Then...Eureka!
As good as it felt taking care of people through our charity, I was still really anxious about our student debt.  I was up late one night reading about repayment options on my student loan servicer's website when I came across an article about Public Service Loan Forgiveness, also known as PSLF...

PSLF will erase your student loan debt 15 years faster than the Income Based Repayment plans! On top of that, unlike other student loan forgiveness options, your forgiven debt is not taxed as income. It just disappears! But only government employees and those who work for or a charity can qualify for this amazing opportunity.

Thanks to Caroline, we had already started a charity so we were in!
Any doctor can start a charity and qualify for PSLF!
I knew I had discovered a way for any doctor to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness and get their student debt ERASED quickly and easily without getting slapped with a huge tax bill, but that was only half the picture...

These doctors would also be changing the face of healthcare in the U.S. by starting charities to expand access to health, wellness, medical, and dental care for people in need!
"The surest way to achieve success is to model someone who is already successful.
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel."
- Tony Robbins
Introducing, the Student Loan Eraser...

An easy to follow program designed to guide you 
through the process of starting a charity and qualifying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) within 90 days!
8 Modules to Guide You Through Every Step...
1. Loan Analysis

We'll make sure you have qualifying loans in a repayment plan with the lowest possible monthly payment.
2. Start a charity

You'll be connected with an A+ BBB rated legal team that has set up over 5,000 charities and guarantees 501(C)(3) status.
3. Compliance training

You'll learn how to avoid private inurement along with other charity do's and dont's.
4. Staying organized

You'll get instructions for opening a bank account for the charity and how to keep a corporate records book.
5. Payroll & Receipts

You will set up a POS for the charity, learn what donations qualify for tax deduction, and how to provide receipts.
6. Start Seeing patients

You'll get office systems to easily integrate nonprofit patients into your practice and tips for training your staff.
7. compliance part 2

To make sure you can maintain your organization’s 501(C)(3) status long enough to receive loan forgiveness.
8. Certify Employment 

Once 501(C)(3) status is approved you can submit the Employment Certification Form for PSLF...
...and then you're in!
Everything you'll need...All Included
  •  Loan Analysis - to make sure you have qualifying loans with the the lowest possible monthly payment.
  •  Legal, State, and IRS Fees - are included so you can quickly and easily start a charity with 501(C)(3) status!
  •  The FULL 8 Module Course - to guide you through the process of starting a charity, integrating nonprofit patients into your practice, and qualifying for PSLF within 90 days without overwhelm.
  •  Nonprofit Compliance Training - to help you run the organization in accordance with rules and regulations required by the IRS and U.S. Department of Education.
  •   Unlimited Support - provided by Dr. Hoffman so you'll always have the help you need.
  •  And So Much More...
$1000 Bonus Resource Library 
Filled With Checklists, Templates, And Forms!
  •  Complete FedLoan Forgiveness System Checklist
  •  First Board Meeting Minutes Template
  •  Corporate Records Book Checklist
  •  “I Can’t Afford Care” Conversation Script/Template
  •  Federal Poverty Guidelines to Qualify Low Income Patients
  •  Nonprofit Patient Application Form
  •  Regular Board Meeting Minutes Template
  •  Nonprofit Compliance Terms and Definitions
  •  IRS Instructions Federal Tax Form 990-N
  •  Instructional and Blank Copies of the Employment Certification Form for PSLF
If I Can't Save You Money With This Program Then I Don't Deserve Yours...
That's why I'm offering TWO
100% Money Back Guarantees!

Guarantee #1 - After the in-depth loan review in Module 1, if it turns out you won't save a minimum of $50,000 with this program, you'll receive a 100% refund.

Guarantee #2 - You will meet all 3 requirements to qualify for PLSF after completing the Student Loan Eraser program or you'll receive a 100% refund.

That means there's no risk to join!

I’m confident offering these guarantees because I know the program works and I know it can change your life.
Big Savings and Bigger Hearts...

- Dr. Jesse M.

"My monthly payments went from $975 to $149.  That in and of itself is a huge help.  Thanks for your guidance!."

Jesse is the founder of Every Family Healthy a 501(C)(3) Charity with a mission of expanding access to quality chiropractic care for under-served populations including single parent families and those with severe medical disabilities.

- Dr. Liz C.

"This program helped me to give back to my patients and community and create a life of financial freedom."

Liz is the founder of Bluebird Wellness a 501(C)(3) Charity with a mission of expanding access to high quality natural healthcare regardless of financial situations.  Her organization provides both naturopathic medical visits and educational experiences.
Over $40 million in savings!
($267,432 avg. per doctor)
This is one opportunity you can not afford to miss...

President Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy De Voss have already asked congress to cancel the PSLF program.

The good news is that anyone who enrolls before the change will be grandfathered in!

Will YOU Be The Next Success Story?
“I had heard about PSLF but never thought I could qualify. Dr. Hoffman helped me make that dream a reality! It is so exciting knowing that every monthly student loan payment I make is now counting towards forgiveness instead of just paying off interest.”
- Dr. Devin, DC

“Dr. Hoffman is a student loan forgiveness maven! He’s by far, the most knowledgable person I’ve ever met regarding student loans, how to reduce monthly payments, and how to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.”
- Dr. Gayl, ND

“I didn’t even like thinking about my student loan debt and had no idea what kind of strategies were available. Dr. Hoffman walked me through it step-by-step and I’m now confident my student loan debt will be forgiven. I’m going to save hundreds of thousands of dollars!”
- Dr. Sheena, DC