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I'll tell you if you can lower your monthly payment and estimate how much you will save by qualifying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).
What are the benefits of PSLF?
Many doctors are enrolled in an income driven repayment plan like IBR or REPAYE which offers loan forgiveness after 25 years but then taxes the forgiven debt as income.

PSLF will erase your entire student debt and interest, tax-free, a full 15 years faster than the income driven repayment plans!

Not currently on an income driven plan?  PSLF could still save you 6 figures on your student loans.

Dr. Ian Hoffman, CEO

This is Ian with Caroline, the inspiration behind his charity.  She's now more than 2 years cancer free and off all her medications!  Dr. Hoffman developed the FedLoan Forgiveness program from his own experience running a charity and qualifying for Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF).

Dr. Liz Carter

I have always felt supported and understood in this program.  Ian really wants his student to succeed!  Now I can give back to my patients and community and create a life of financial freedom. I am incredibly thankful!
“I had heard about PSLF but never thought I could qualify. Dr. Hoffman helped me make that dream a reality! It is so exciting knowing that every monthly student loan payment I make is now counting towards forgiveness instead of just paying off interest.”
- Dr. Devin

“Dr. Hoffman is a student loan forgiveness maven! He’s by far, the most knowledgable person I’ve ever met regarding student loans, how to reduce monthly payments, and how to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness.”
- Dr. Gayl

“I didn’t even like thinking about my student loan debt and had no idea what kind of strategies were available. Dr. Hoffman walked me through it step-by-step and I’m now confident my student loan debt will be forgiven. I’m going to save hundreds of thousands of dollars!”
- Dr. Sheena
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